Important points when working with hosting

  1. Pay attention to hosting uptime

    Your website should be available 24/7, and you should be notified in case of availability issues.
    You can set up availability monitoring in different ways:
  2. Monitor the load

    Keep track of the load if you are hosting your website on a dedicated server or VPS.
    Control: This way, you can take action even before problems become critical.
  3. Collect and analyze logs

    When analyzing logs, you will be able to track:
  4. Prepare in advance for

    You should have scripts for actions in case of problems:
  5. Backups

  6. Do not use default system configs

    The software is installed on the server with a default configuration file. These settings are responsible for the provisioning of resources for server services. By default, these settings are specified for a server with minimal resources. If you do not tune these settings, then your server will use only part of the available resources.